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Heritage Lacrosse

01.04.18 – The clinic session tonight is being canceled due to adverse weather and wintry/icy road conditions.

Registration is open for Winter Sessions at Main Line Sports Center
Nov 2017 – Feb 2018

mohican-mesomorphFUNdamentals (with a Flair)

BaggataGirls™ Lacrosse teaches the skills of lacrosse using novel drills, concepts and language players can understand, relate to and retain – all in a high energy and supportive setting.  The focus is on FUNdamentals, but with a Flair…  We stress traditional staples but explore what is possible with the stick and a ball.

  • BaggataGirls™ training transfers knowledge, maximizes touches and develops motor coordination.
  • Our methods will help players learn to play fast, think fast and thrive in the style of play that has emerged in girls’ lacrosse.
  • Our goal, in a condensed time frame, is to help the girls advance at an accelerated rate.
  • We teach ambidexterity and the skills needed to play any position.
  • We teach the values of tradition, honor and respect for the game.
  • We set our expectations high.

We aim to increase each BaggataGirl’s lacrosse IQ and overall comfort level playing America’s native game, which our North American forebears called “Baggataway.”

This is not a cookie cutter curriculum.  BaggataGirls™ training has been honed over years of collective experience by highly respected and caring parents and coaches – all of whom have played and coached at the highest level.  And we have seen the results.

We know what you want to see as a parent – joy, smiles, passion, teamwork, effort, improvement, confidence and success.  We have crafted the program with these things in mind.  We look forward to sharing our love and passion for lacrosse with your daughters and fostering a desire in them to continue playing the game at a higher level.